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January Satellite Town Meeting
"Testing for Results: Using Assessment
to Measure Effectiveness and Drive Instruction"
Tuesday, January 15, 2002 8-9 PM EASTERN

"At the heart of the President's plan is a promise
to raise standards for all children. Since we cannot
know if we are meeting those standards unless we
measure performance, President Bush is committed to
annual assessments of student learning in the basic
subjects of reading and math. The information from
these tests will allow us to identify and reward
schools that are making progress and to intervene
in schools that are not."
- U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige

Raising academic standards is an important first step
towards improving our schools. We will never know,
however, if we are reaching those standards unless we
measure student performance. Test score data can help
schools, as a whole, to improve. Communities with high
standards and challenging tests have teachers and school
leaders who use achievement scores to identify specific
objectives that their students are, or are not, mastering.

For example, some schools might learn from test scores
that they are teaching math effectively but are struggling
with teaching writing. This information can help schools
decide to spend their money on staff training in effective
writing instruction. Test score data allow schools to make
decisions based on facts rather than guesses. Teachers in
those communities can then focus on filling in the gaps.
The 3 Rs for 21st Century success are quickly becoming
Rigor, Relevance and Results.

Secretary Paige and his guests could explore the
following themes:

*How can we improve academic rigor and results in our classrooms?

*What makes data useful?

*How can principals, teachers, and parents to better understand
and use data?

*What are the most effective ways that assessment can drive
curriculum refinement/development?

*How can test information empower parents to make better
decisions for their children's education?

*What information should parents, teachers, administrators, and
policymakers have to make improvements in our educational system?

*What resources are available to build effective accountability systems?


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