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|Just one detail.  Where did you mount them?

Ah, I knew I phorgot something.  The bindings are mounted about 0.5cm
forward of skiboot-center (alpine mount).  I think I appreciate the
forwardness, because there's precious little tail back there as it is.

I'll buy Tag's Voelkl phaith.  I last skied a Voelkl in 1988 or so,
and remember it feeling rather beefy (I ended up buying into the
snappier, lighter Atomic philosophy).  The beefy feeling serves you
well at 165cm, though.  Like I said, in the phlat but soft, they
carved just fine.  I rechecked the sidecut by putting the Vertigos and
the 9.26's base-to-base, and if you line up the skiboot-centers the
sidecut is *identical* in shape.  The edges line up perfectly.  No
wonder they feel so much alike.

Another cool thing was being able to sit WAY back and dig the (short)
tails into the powder.  If you held that position, you could do this
neat, slo-mo descent straight down the fall line in a constant-braking
mode--like a standing glissade on snowshoes.


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