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>I love it!!  This guy is more of an optimist than Chromer.  Watch it be 40
>freakin below zero on Christmas week but no precipitation.  It seems like
>only two years ago (it was wasn't it?) that there were white trails and
>brown woods right into the middle of January.   Swampfest I made it by the
>skin of its teeth.  Glad it wasn't one weekend earlier.
>  Jimski  westisgreatbutrightaboutnowI'lltakeallthesnowmakingIcanget

The scary part Jim, is that you might not be all that far off on the 40
below part come January.  Him and Joe Bastardi were roommates as Skip
pointed out...they are both very optimistic still about this winter
averaging out colder then normal.  So is Joe D'aleo of
Bastardi seemed more optimistic on the weekend senario as well, but his
track record isn't doing that great recently.
I guess only time will tell.


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