>to even ask, or is there a chance of skiing anywhere south of Jay this
>Excluding Woodbury Sand & Gravel, of course.

Against all odds, Stowe and SMuggs have remained open...

The Stowefest Demo Days, scheduled for this Saturday and Sunday at
Stowe Mountain Resort, will change slightly, due to limited terrain
availability. Equipment will not be available for on-snow demos (I
guess they are afraid that kids like me will ski shiny new Rossignols
over bare rock and mud), but will be available for guests to view
(oh, what fun!) at the solar barn by Spruce Base Lodge from 5-8 p.m.

Stowe has been charging $30 the last couple of days. Last I heard,
Smugs was going for $10.

Killington's web page says, as of 2:12 PM Wednesday, December 5, 2001
With colder temperatures slated to arrive in the next two days, our
snowmakers are trying to wait patiently so they can fire up North
America's most extensive snowmaking system and continue building base
depths. Forecasters are calling for temps to drop around Thursday
night or Friday morning with a chance of a snow flurry over the
weekend. So keep tuned here and to to find out more
info about snow conditions and terrain expansion.

Tomorrow's plan is for 3 lifts to be running from 9-4 with 4 trails
open. We will be downloading on the Canyon Quad with a short ride on
a shuttle back to the base lodge. Skiing and riding will be for upper
intermediate and advanced levels only. Tickets will again be
available at the Killington Base Lodge for $30.


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