Quoth Adrenochrome <[log in to unmask]>:
|Problems: the earpiece is uncomfortable under a helmet, the "press to
|talk" button is too tiny to work with gloves on, and the microphone
|needed to be held almost inside my mouth to get enough volume to be
|audible on the other radio.

I've only personally compared the Talkabouts to 99/00 model Cobras,
but I found the Talkabout did have an usability advantage.  I found
that I could put the radio in the chest pocket of my shell, and easily
find the talk button through the nylon (it's large, textured, and
recessed).  The other buttons could be locked and the volume was hard
to accidently move, so you could simply swat away at the button.  The
mic also picked up just fine in such a position.

Tapping my chest to locate friends made me feel *so* Star Trek, too.


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