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>"Winter" doesn't start for 3 more weeks.

Good point.

 The MRF suggests the following
>over the next 10 days:  The Bermuda high that has been present for the last
>3-or-so weeks finally moves up closer to Greenland, which shifts the mean
>trough present over NA to the east.  Once the high becomes established
>there, we'll be into a colder, stormier and blocking pattern once
>again.  "Our" storms have been hitting Chicago for the last month.
>Starting late next week, they come back.
>Bastardi has been backing this idea of the Bermuda high breaking down and
>allowing the mean trough to move with his Hawaii teleconnection.
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This mornings MRF supports that in the Day7-10 range.  Notice that wedge
shaped trough that Bastardi has talked about is slipping back into the
eastern Pacific off of Mexico or California around Day7.  Thats a 4-7 day
connection isn't it?  And the highs go up, up north near Greenland starting
a block and the whole rotation of the cold per the MRF by Day10 is up north
of the Lakes and it is much further east then it has been the past 2 weeks.
Does that seem right?
Bastardi should jump on this tomorrow in his discussion.


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