RAD Sharon.  I am stoked to hear your trip went so well.  It is even cooler
to hear that you come from Ithaca and ride Greek Peak.  I grew up in Seneca
Falls, NY and Ithaca is lke a second home and Greek Peak is awesome.  Had
one of my best days there with Ben Bloom back in college.  We hopped a rope
that day and got seen by ski patrol...too funny...

Anyhow good deal.  My powder is waiting for me in Whistler on the 16th of


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  It was everything you are reading about.

  We had an epic weekend of fresh Utah champagne. It was just like in the

  We arrived Friday and had sushi with some folks who drove up from Durango
to get the goods. They skied Alta that day and were making us drool. We were
giddy with joy with the reports of faceshots and bottomless powder. They
tipped us off to go to Solitude because it was opening day and the snow had
not been skied at all.

  Saturday morning we got up early. Easy to get up at 5am when you are used
to getting up at 7am EST. Got to Solitude before the lifts opened. It was
completely untracked and fresh. We had fresh, crotch deep snow all day long,
without any hiking. We did a little traversing in HoneyComb Canyon for
freshies in the afternoon. When the snow is deep like that, you definitely
want powder cords and you definitely want stay upright. If you go down, it
is a major task to get upright again, and nearly impossible to retrieve any
items that may have escaped your body. The snow was so soft and so deep that
when you put your pole in, it goes all the way down, and then further down
til the snow us almost at your shoulder. This makes standing up very
difficult. I only had one incident when a sudden dip caused the earth to
drop away and then come back up real fast as I was coming down a run-out.
You need speed when it is that deep, so I was trying to keep my momentum up
when I hit this gully. I only had that one incident, but my buddy wasn't so
lucky. He was on brand new skis and hadn't skied at all this season. He ate
a lot of snow.

  Sunday we went to Alta. Another 6" of snow fell that night so there was
more than enough snow there as well. At least it had a bottom to it. Made
day 2 a lot easier. We were a bit sore and tired from day 1, so we were
relieved it was only 6".

  Monday morning it was dumping again. I was way too sore to ski before
hopping on a plane, though my friend did. He said another 6-8" and it was
snowing hard. Interlodge was called that night.

  Another dump is in line for wed/thurs.

  All in all it was the best conditions I've ever skied in my 30 yrs of
skiing. Definitely a worthwhile trip I will remember forever.

  Glad to hear that I've inspired others to go. DO IT! It is your duty as an
American skier. Support the travel industry. Spend that tax rebate. Go where
the snow is. You won't be sorry.