"Mark P. Renson" wrote:
> even have intermediate powder bowl skiing.  WP/MJ gets much more snow than
> Summit County as does Loveland.  I do not understand the allure of the latter,
> but locals love it as does Carol Nelson and like I said, it does get the candy.

        Yup.  We loved Loveland...but not because of trees (not much trees that
I noticed).
It was the laid-backness of the place.  The accessibility of those bowls
and the wild feel the place had...Unlike the tamed feeling of Vail's
China Bowl.  Besides, even an intermediate could ski both and have a
blast. Neither was particularly challenging.  As a someone who has had
only limited exposure to western skiing, the novelty of skiing the vast
areas and the awesomeness of the scenery from Vail's China Bowl and
Loveland's Chair 2 and 4 is too much to resist.  To a veteran western
skier it may get old. But not to us with the limited time we had.  Never
met a western area I didn't like in any case - something I couldn't say
for the east.  Not that I've seen all that many of either coast compared
to some on this list.  Who cares.


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