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> Jay & Stratton gave up today.
> The Rockpile broke the all-time December high temp this morning.
> The bad mood continues.

One bright spot: We're over the hump.  Temps peaked on the rockpile between
7 and 8am and are now headed down.

Anyone remember the weekend of December 16/17 last season?  Matt Reagan
posted the following after Sugarloafing that weekend:
The sound of the deluge woke me up at 4:30am.
We *did* try to ski Sunday (had a free pass and a 2-for-1), but as we
walked up the SuperQuad in the pouring rain, a flash, crash, and boom
stopped the lift.  Lightning strike near the summit!  That was it--all
lifts closed.  Whosiness was inflicted upon us; it was not our choice.

I believe the mountain received upwards of 3" of rain from that storm.  As I
recall, the remainder of the season was decent after that.  It was not
nearly as phenomenal in Maine as it was in VT - we got almost NO SNOW for 3
or 4 weeks in Jan/Feb, an ice event, and I believe no storms at all in
April.  The last 2 weeks of February and all of March was prettty good

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