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>Fri. - Massif du Sud (first day on any new snow that may have fallen in 5
days) - check it out at -
only 38,000 skier visits per year, folks, plus tons of snow and phenomenal
trees.  Chromer and Nadine, you have no option but to attend.

Should be able to make this one...

>Sat. - Le Valinoët - straight shot from Q.C. to Chicoutimi.  Hope for good
weather and therefore good (and open) roads.
>Sun. - Mont-Édouard - Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

Hmmm.  That's a pretty serious trip.  Love to do it, but since I've gone
over to the dark side it may be pretty crucial for me to be at BV that
weekend.  U.P. is another issue all together...

>Mon. - Le Massif Petite-Rivière-St.-François - completes the huge loop

Again, should be able to make this one, although driving up there in back
in one day would suck.  4-5 hours each way from Burlington if memory serves.

>Check it out on a map - it makes sense.

It may make geographic sense, but hardly a trip for the sane.

> I'll fly back Tues a.m. from BTV.  I'll also be in BTV and environs for
the week leading up to Swampfest NFC - Stowe over the weekend, plus some
bizarre combination of one or more of Bolton/Smuggs/Sugarbush/Jay/Mont
Glen/Orford for Mon.-Thu. of that week.


>It's just insane enough that it can be fun.  Travel where no anglophone
has gone before.  Freeze your ass off.  Set an attendance record at Massif
du Sud.  Come on - aren't you sick of the same old hills?  Car-pool
opportunities will surely abound.

Who's with me on the car pool thing? Ben? Your Suby is more reliable than
my 16 year old Audi.  I'll supply the poor French skills and pay for gas,
er, "essence."

-Jim B.

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