Here are the arrival times for everyone and the instructions from WHH.  I will try to locate everyone near the "wooden statues" referred to below at the apprpriate times.  Briar and I will have plaid somewhere on our persons, likely pinned to our dull green and dull tan jackets.
Kohler/Dulik: 10:30 am 
Briar and I: 10:46 am
Reardons: 11:00 am (or so)
Ross: 12:28 pm
Carlson: 1:14 pm
Terwilligers: 2:20 pm
Kijak: 2:36 pm
Note that the Swartleys are ariving via Amtrak from Seattle after 4:00 pm, and will thus be arriving later in Whistler on a separate bus.  Also, because of local regulations, this size bus cannot actually "serve" lohocla.  Accordingly, our refreshments and food will be waiting for us back in the chalet. 
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Subject: Transfer instructions (please print and keep)

I am going to pass the "call for coach" details to both you and Steve, we have some details to follow for getting you on the transfer, this is the same for all  our groups that arrive at several different times,
Steve will actually be the last flight, landing at 2:36 will mean that he will be through immigrations and customs and through the door to call by around 3:00, here is what he needs to do:
After getting your/his bags, you will go through customs, usually they wave you through unless you have some odd smelling stuff in your bags..
Immediately after exciting customs Steve will enter the "International Reception  Lobby" this is still a secured area, but this is where you will call for the bus, there is a Tourism Info Desk,   Currency Exchange desk, etc, just ahead will be a set of Grey doors where the white call phone is located, it will say "Ground Dispatch Authority: (there may be a commissionaire to assist) but if not, pick up the phone  and wait for the dispatcher to answer please give him:
The Group Name - Swampfest
Your flight number UA 1005  2:36 PM
The Bus company Name: Glacier Coach Lines
The dispatcher will give you the lane number to proceed to, and will arrive just shortly after your call (about 4-5 min)
Then Steve, walk out through the "glass doors" to the public international arrival area, and Leigh and the rest of the group with the exception of the Swartley's will meet you at the Native Wooden Statues located in the middle of this room, get your group together and proceed to the pick up lane the dispatcher gave you
(Leigh as you are arriving earlier, you can locate this wooden statue area very easily and bring your group there by 2:45 and Steve will meet up with you, keep your eye on the flight arrival times, as the board will let you know if his plane is late, if the flight actually is late, by 30 min or so, call me so that I can instruct the driver to pick up the Swartleys on the way to Whistler, that way you can all come up together, if the flight is on time, then just proceed up here and we'll greet you at the home!)
If his plane is really late, Leigh you can call me and I'll instruct the driver to get your group, and I'll arrange for Steve alternative transfer, no problem, just keep my toll free number and these instructions with you,
Voila easy!
If none of this works call me toll free from any phone 1-888-644-7444 OR the Glacier Coach Lines Office at 1-888-287-7488