I spent some time at the Campmor store in New Jersey on Friday.  For those
not in the know, Campmor is a huge outdoor sporting goods store that
typically have pretty good prices.  They send out a catalog every few months
and have a web site:

I was looking for a bunch of stuff including gloves/mittens.  I've seen many
different set ups in the past and it looks like a layering system might be
the best option using a mitten shell with draw cords to keep out snow and
fleece glove or mitten liners. One could switch to heavier duty liners the
colder it gets.

My real question addresses the shells.  They had cheap and expensive shells.
They all claim to be waterproof.  One is Gore Tex, the others are different
material (they are referenced below) and range in price from $10 - $42.

Assuming they actually are waterproof/breathable does it really matter if it
is Gore Tex or not?  Then you need to purchase the liners.  Would an
ordinary pair of fleece gloves/mittens work well or do you need to get the
300 series/weight fleece?  Would 300 weight and the shell be warm enough for
VT? Would a lighter duty pair work well in the spring/  What do others use
for skiing?


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