The plan was to head up to Ludlow Sat night in hopes of hitting freeski
and, given the proper planetary alignment, ski some new snow. Somewhere in
the execution of that plan two trapeze artists from the cirque de soleil
intervened and I ended up cooking my goose in a woodfired sauna in
Guilford, alternating cool-down cycles between naked snow angels and ice
cold plunges into a dammed up stream next to the sauna.
Note-to-self, be suspicious of circus people. Small hands...

The revelry continued late into the night and I didnt end up in Ludlow
till noon the next day. No matter, the 4-6" of snow on the deck looked
soft enough and I'm still on my summer skis (meaning rock can be
interpreted as "hardpack"). I ended up making 10 runs on a 200 vertical
foot flood control dam at Sanders Brook, near my house. It turned out to
be great skiing, with the late day sun casting shadows across my tracks
and allowing for some good natured shadow racing.
Experimentations with red all purpose klister were fruitful, though I had
some caking problems in the sunny areas. Wax seems to be a good way to go
when you can ascend in snow of a differnt temperature than your descent
(in my case, warm and wet up, cold and powdery down)

A Snurfer and dog showed up, and left soon thereafter. Perhaps he found
the powder eights I installed on his portion of the hill discouraging, or
perhaps he was just all Snurfed out. After eighting the last set of
tracks, I headed in for a long nap... ahh Sundays.

Next morning I was awakened at the crack of 7 by Erin, who was struggling
to deal with a locked and running car. Her misfortune morphed into my
fortune as I took full advantage of the impromptu wakeup call at Okemo
freeski. Conditions were the Okemo standard, which I hate to admit is a
vast improvement over the last weeks' alternatives. I met up with another
freeloader and we knocked off 4 or 5 runs before ducking the rope onto
lower Geronimo to head in (ready to open, they were doing one last pass
with the Bombardier). We caught a few fresh turns on the edges, when we
werent warping down the corduroy.

Next Sunday is canned food day, $25 with three cans of stuff that has been
sitting at the back of your cupboard for the last year. I may or may not
attend, and might actually pay, anyone else?


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