> Easy solution to that problem. Sell those clumsy toys and get some sleek
> tele or AT bindings and skins; for maybe a hundred more you'll get a lot
> more bang for your buck. Bear in mind, however, that this is coming from a
> self-avowed bc snob who has been known to shun snowshoers for their
> unrefined boorishness.

Well, I am boorish.  Everyone knows that.

However, I've been thinking ... thinking ... I'm not quite ready to dive
into the expense of AT bindings, and living in FL now I'm not ready to
invest the learning time required to add telemark skiing to my repertoire,
but I may be ready to start experimenting.  Who was it on the list who was
selling those Alpine Trekkers?  Don't give me noise about their weight - I
know, I know.  And I know that I could search the archives to find out, but
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