After the Christmas Tree Epic, I headed to Stowe to perhaps get an afternoon
ticket.  The problem was that I was experiencing my once-a-year hangover which
reminded me of why I practice moderation 364 days of the year.  I was such a
wreck driving north on Route 100, that I - stubborn about pain - bought a
bottle of Advil and popped 2 of 'em.
        When I got to the Stowe parking lot, I decided to take a cat nap in my truck
with the bright sunshine keeping me warm and comfortable.  The nap got out of
hand and I woke up at 1:45.  Fortunately, my head then felt clear.  With
snowmaking and an entire 1" dump the coverage on the mountain was "ungrim"
which is astounding given the way we've been going.  But at $30 for a half day
pass for 1 way down (well there was a split at the top), Stowe was a "no" for

        By next weekend, there will be a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in a styrofoam
container warmed by the heat lamp will have the appeal that a boiled lobster
with a bucket of clams normally has for me ....


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