Gee, Jerm, sorry I missed it.  Thanks for bringing my skins back,
though.  Dan ever get that sticky stuff off?

Skinning up Cobrass followed by a quick romp down Spillway prolly
woulda been a better choice in hindsight, but you prolly created
more memories with your "chosen" route.  I'll try to find that PDF
and put a link to it off the same page as the current Nordic trail
map page.  Thanks for the heads up.

Today at BV (21st) saw still more snow (at least 20" over the last
2-3 days), but no upper lift.  Top-to-bottom starts Saturday, and
the first few runs off the upper lift tomorrow morning could be
borderline epic given the meager snow standards of this year's
early season.

I managed to crank out several runs this morning off the lower mountain
chair in boot top uncut pow. I'm not saying where, but it's easy to
find if you want it. Soft landings, very few base scrapes.  The
thinned glades are alomst there, the real backcountry isn't far

No temps above 32 at BV since last Friday, so porcelain is non-existant,
even on groomers with MM base under the natural. I'll miss being at
MRG for opening day tomorrow, but I'm hopeful BV will have a great day.
Plaidsters are welcome to stop by and pull me by one of my rather ample
ears and out on to the slopes.  I may even have a few more untracked runs
reserved for plaidsters...

-Jim B.

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