Mark wrote:
>The week after the holidays always pays off as the
>once-a-year skiers are done for the season leaving lots of room for
>the ones who can't get enough.

In one of the recent mags (Skiing perhaps?) a data blip from a survey of
skiers asked "How many days do you plan to ski this season?" The average
answer: 6.

The mini factoid did not include any other information, so I know nothing
further about the survey, methodology, etc. Take it for what it's worth,
but it does explain some of the dropped jaws when I mention to someone that
my average year is 35 days (which I consider on the light side). It also
demonstrates how far this list is skewed from the median.

-Marc, opting to enjoy northern VT and the non-work down time and not to
ski today, being awfully tired of the lean, bony conditions and high
mineral content snow.

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