Friday Ski Club was not very well attended today. I hit MRG for two
solo runs -- my sidekick Rusty had the sniffles and stayed home.

Marc said it all:
>There hasn't been any appreciable new snow in the past week. Both SB and
>MRG are very comparable - seemingly a fair bit of terrain open and good
>sounding reports - bring the rock skis that *really* don't matter if they
>take a core shot or blow out an edge - you _will_ hit _many_ rocks, loose
>and otherwise. Dirt and grass are a given. The woods have teeth. Be
>careful. See my SB report from earlier in the week. Same story, only more so.

See my MRG report from Wednesday. Maybe even a few more rocks
showing. The "snow showers" predicted for the next few days won't
alter the situation much. Still, I probbaly go back tomorrow, for
lack of anything better to do.

>Haven't skied Stowe yet - probably hit it at some point in the next 3 days
>- but read their trail report with the early season 3:1 rule in mind. Take
>special notice of the "partially open" trails. EG: Centerline (snowmaking)
>is closed but Hayride is partially open? What, the lower, flat runout?

That was the deal last week -- same with Starr, Nosedive -- although
they probably blew some snow on Upper Nose dive. And for the record,
the runout isn't all that flat -- but it certainly is short.

I won't get a chance to get back to Stowe before the 1st.

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