There is a Mad River Glen effect I have observed over the last few seasons.
It strikes without warning on the first run on my "first day" at MRG. Usually
it goes like this: I innocently ski along, maybe doing some energetic skiing
tuned by my early season days at the fancy Stowe Ski Resort, when suddenly I
am tossed onto my face. Today this effect was duly noted again. On the
practice slope. So much for Stowe tele heroes on the mean streets of MRG...

That out of the way, I proceeded to ski some fine chopped powder runs. Nice.
Nicer. Nicest.

The other humor of the morning was my run with Wes, during which I got to see
him try and ski deep fluff with skinny, florescent 80's type toothpicks. I
hope his back is ok. It looked like a chiropractor's dream...

as of 930 pm in colchester, no rain yet..

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