I stopped to help a twenty something woman once at Killington. (very lost)
Her friends had abandoned her but she was to meet them at the base lodge at
4. She was heading toward Bear but she wanted to get to Snowshed base. She
was not taking directions because she was freaked about going down something
over her head. So we took a couple of lift rides with her and took her down
the easy trails back to Snowshed base.

So I'm thinking, she seems cool, we had some good conversations on the lift.
I'll extend an invitation and see if she and her friends want to join me and
my buddies for some après ski refreshments in the lodge. I turned around and
she was walking away without even a thank you. I felt so used. :)

Contrast that with a woman I helped at Sunday River. She was skiing Risky
Business (blue) with her girlfriend. Every two or three turns she would
cross skis and end up in a pile. Get back up, repeat ect. Lot of heart.
After watching her for a few lift rides I offered to help and gave her a few

1000 watt smile followed by so many thank you's it was embarassing.

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> -------------------Next topic.   This one could go off the deep end.

What?!?  You mean it hasn't already?  But perhaps we could return to the
damsel in distress bit (or lad or lamb, depending on your sexual
appetite)?  Any good tales on this topic?

Ben K.

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