Skip King said
>Moral responsibility?  Arguably not.  Ethical responsibility?  Yeah, I
>think so.  Responsibility to the sport we all love?  Definitely.
I have generally lurked on this list for six years but this thread
disturbs me.  Of course Skip is 100% on the money!  When I began
skiing one of the things I loved was the camaraderie one experienced
with "strangers" in the sport.  In recent years I have seen this
fading to a mere memory, perhaps as a result of the incredibly
increased volume of participants at sites that have limitations on
ability to expand.  (But not on their ability to quadruple the number
of people they can throw uphill).   I was always taught, and also
shown by example, that every skier had an obligation to be courteous
and helpful to every other skier.  This was NOT limited to the Ski
Patrol because there are never enough of them to be everywhere.  There
is a patent elitism in a lot of the responses to this thread that may
explain my diminishing interest exposing my down-country house-guests
to the sport anymore.  The challenges still exist but much of the
spirit of fun is gone.

Who on this list has NEVER gotten in over his/her head?  Would you
have been comforted by the information that no one had ever died on
that trail (yet)?  Probably not because up to that point all you had
been afraid of was breaking some bones.  His so-called friends should
be publicly hanged and then drawn and quartered for putting him in
that spot.  All the guy needed was a friendly face and some moral
support and company on perhaps the only day he will ever spend on the
side of a mountain in winter as a result of this experience.  Was that
really less important than getting in one more run?


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