Marc Chrusch  wrote:
> Whoa! "Eat your heart out VT"? In mostly upper case no less?

The uppercase letters were directly from the NWS web site.  I don't
know why they put their weather statements in uppercase.  I apologize
for the uppercase, I was not trying to emphasize the statement, I was
only trying to be informative by including their statement.

> know, I've tried to be very circumspect on the list regarding the
> differences between where I used to live (Wallingford, CT) and skied
> (VT/ME) and where I live now (Sandy, UT about 5 miles from the mouth
> of Little Cottonwood Canyon, or putting it another way, 25 minutes
> from Alta) and not try to rub anyone's nose in it.

You are absolutely right Marc, that was a little nose rubbing and it
seems like such a waste that all this good snow should be falling on
such a phlat place as Buffalo.    Sometimes a heavy snowfall in this
area can precede a storm in Vermont.  I am sure that was my state of
mind after Carol's pleading for us to send some our snow to Vermont.

> I've even actually
> skied with the Jordans, and they seemed like really nice
> folks......and then the list gets hit with this blatant chest
> thumping. Maybe it's just snow drought induced dementia, but it seems
> poor sport to pick on VT this way. So in the spirit of giving back to
> Buffalo the same nose rubbing just dished out to VT........

After November went by and then mid-December with no snow I was feeling
very disturbed.  Now, in my glee at seeing cars and houses buried under
several feet of snow, perhaps I was a bit exuberant.

> Whoopee, Buffalo. In my new home there is a season total of  21 in the
> mountains - that would be FEET, not measly inches. Wow. A whole "82.3
> inches in five days!" Over Thanksgiving we had 100 inches in 100
> hours. That would be snow on a world renowned pair of mountains -
> Alta and the Bird - not in the middle of some medium sized city. That
> would be over 3000 vertical feet.....on 4700 bounds.
> Buffalo snow - BFD. Who the hell in their right mind would name their
> city after a smelly, grumpy, cloven footed animal anyway?

I am not from Buffalo, but it is my understanding that the French may
have been the first non-native settlers in this area and they named the
Niagara River  "beau fleuve" - beautiful river.  Those colonialist
English arrived and  somehow corrupted "beau fleuve" into Buffalo.  I
do not believe there were ever bison or buffalo in this part of the
country, but there must  have been plenty in Utah.

> So there! Pfbbbbbbbbbbbtttttt!!!!!!!!!!
> -Marc
> Actually, hope Holiday Valley and the other ski areas got the
> promised 2 feet and I hope this is a good omen for the rest of the
> Northeast. ;-)

Our beloved Holiday Valley (all 750') should be getting several feet of
snowfall over the next two days.

And the only reason I am up at 1:00 AM on a Friday night responding to
email is I am stranded at work because my relief is snowed in at home!


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