Usually I try to tone you down but this time I would like us to make a much stronger statement.  Attached is a file with tracked changes.  Please take a look at it and see if you agree.  Thanks for your work!

When we send it to our delegation, we should also send a copy to Edie Miller.

Karen B. Horn
Director, Legislative and Membership Services

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Subject: Draft letter

Following is draft letter for legislators as requested.  Any suggested
changes please pass along to Kent.

DRAFT for Kent
11 January 202
Legislative Representatives

Dear State Representative (by name):

The Moretown Board are concerned that there are uncertainties as to
whether the Act 60 general state support grant will be fully funded for
FY 2003.  The idea that level funding is a reasonable response to the
economic down turn we are currently experiencing, is alarming.  Such a
decision would simply shift additional burden onto the local property

We of the Moretown School Board are hopeful that when we propose our
modest school budget increase of some 3.5% to our community we will do
so in the expectation that the per pupil general state support grant
will be fully funded at $5,566 rather than be level funded at $5,448.
We are counting on you to support us in this matter.

for the Moretown School Board