On Thu, 10 Jan 2002, Mike Flynn wrote:

> I'm not aware of any burrito cart on the green.  There's Blondini's
> burgers/etc, Ali Baba's kebabs/falafel, the Chinese food one, and the
> deli-ish one with subs and stuff.

He was in some kind of political battle with Marriot and the University.
Maybe they ran him out of town. Used to park his van down the end near
Billings/Williams. I actually agreed with his complaints against the
university re: not allowing any non-Marriot food on campus, but he was
such a jerk about it he probably derailed any plans to provide hookups &
better sidewalk access on U row (instead of mud and old carpets).

As a non-food plan student the carts seemed like a good way to encourtage
competition and loosen Marriots stranglehold on students' wallets.
Personally I would Like to see Marriot booted off campus completely and
just have real live stores and restaurants rent space from UVM, but I
suppse they wouldnt be able to milk the student body out of as much dough
that way.


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