Marc Chrusch wrote:
>Wool sucks. Period. That's why god invented fleece and nylon shells.

Wool is best compared to fleece.  Like fleece, wool is
a snow magnet.  Both remain fairly warm when wet.  A wash
on these point.

Wool is heavier and doesn't compress as well.  You'll use
every bit of the 6000ci pack!  But, wool is much, much
more wind resistant.  IME, it lasts longer too.

IMO, it is this last point that gets wool into trouble.
Wool is so much superior to fleece as outer wear that it
gets worn as outer wear in conditions you would never
consider using fleece.  Note, we're talking about wool
pants for skiing.  You would not (or should not) talk
about using just plain fleece as skiing outwear!  8^)

My beef with nylon shells is that they restrict movement,
are noisy in brush (I hunt occasionally) and are stuffy.

That said, I've been bowled over by the performance of the
Schoeller stretch pants that I have.  These things shed snow,
streeetch really well, dry quickly and have a much broader
temp range than nylon.  While I won't use them lift served,
they are the only choice for the woods.   If I can find a
jacket of the stuff for cheap, I wouldn't hesitate.

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