Denis worriedly asks:
>Needed some wax today and stopped in REI.  No ski stuff to be found.  I
>asked an employee, who looked like he didn't shave yet and he said,  "We
>don't carry stuff like that, we carry clothes that can be used for skiing
>but that's it.  No ski, boots, etc."  How long has this been going on?
>Perhaps they just decided not to ship it south of the Mason-Dixon line any

The possibilities are that:
1) The employee is a moron.

2) REI may have decided to not stock ski equipment in certain stores.
(Possibly in locales where the season is less than 6 weeks long ;-)

A quick check of their web site reveals a ton of skis (alpine, tele, XC),
bindings, boots, boards, waxes, helmets, and all sorts of other sundry
accessories. The same can be said of the SLC store.


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