It was a year ago, seems like yesterday. I went back to BP after lunch and
climbed the uphill grade with Jimski. We were rewarded with a choice of
tight untouched lines and the best powder of the day.

There was a sign but I don't remember what it said. The question of the day
was "Is this BBP?". I don't think that I ever went far enough over. No need
that day since we were finding untracked without effort. Plus I didn't
realize that there was a boundary rope out there so my exploration was
incremental. The traverse out was not too obvious and was not groomed that

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Hmm.  Was it just last year that Steve Kijak and I were flumoxing around
looking for the entrance to Beyond Beaver Pond?

Someone subsequently told me/us that the entrance is the slight uphill grade
at the top of Beaver Pond which is clearly marked "WARNING:  you are now
leaving the boundaries of Jay Peak Resort" or words to that effect.

So what is that all about?


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