16 inches of new snow, and a day off, life is good! My patience has been
rewarded after a late start to winter in these parts.
I packed my stuff, loaded the car, and turned toward Mt. Cardigan. Yeah, I
got a later start than I would like, but it's a Tuesday, the snow won't be
tracked out. Arrived at the Cardigan Lodge around 50 minutes later, started
putting on my boots, put on my skins, grab my pack. Oh yeah, I need to put
on my parka...wait a minute, no parka! Think you fool, where is it? I search
the car, look in the trunk, nothing. Then I remember, my parka is sitting on
the kitchen counter Arrrrrgh! So I drove to Alexandria, NH to use the
bathroom. It was too cold to ski without a jacket, and forcing the issue
would be foolish. Oh well, there will be plenty more days like this, I try
to convince myself. Back in the car to drive home.
I got home, and since it was still mid-morning, I headed out to the local
hill. Got to the lot in time to hook up with a couple of guys who had just
skied down, so up we went.  The skin up was easy, cold temps and blue sky,
with the hum of the interstate to keep us company.
First run down I chose a slope to flat for the deep pow. Too much snow and
not enough angle caused me to creep downhill, piling snow over my knees as I
went. What a problem to have!
Next time up, the three of us chose a steeper run, and boy, was it sweet.
Rhythmic turns in deep snow, each one causing powder to roll up over my
thighs, forgiving, heavenly snow. This is what it is all about, the feeling
of powder. It was over too soon, so back up we went. More of the same.
Today was the first real test of the Diamirs, and they preformed flawlessly.
Easy to use, I just forgot about them, as it should be with bindings. I love
earning turns! No fighting for first tracks, no worries of fresh snow being
tracked out in seconds. The price is right, too! I have a small blister,
though, so AT specific boots may be in my future. No funds for that right
now, unfortunately.

Bon ski!

Randy in NH

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