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<< I'd hate to think that someday we'll even turn them into McWoods.
  Maybe we should install a jersey barrier at the bottom of the Mc20th so
the lawyers don't keep skiing down to the barn.

Now this is an absulutely terrific idea nick,  In fact it is the best I have
heard from you in a long time.  You must have finally seen the light.  From
your past rants, I always figured you to be one of those damn granola type
pinheads who wants to keep the backcountry pristine for those select few with
the right gear, quads and respect for mother nature.  I am so pleased that
you  finally realized that just like the front side, the back country should
be made safe for all to enjoy it.  All you should need to enjoy the backside
is a platinum visa card so you can purchase fat skis.  Why bother with a
beacon or other gear when you can just use the cell phone to call up the sky
hook to get you out?  Then use the same card to pay for the rescue!  Sounds
like a plan.

As far as the helmet and skiing aggressively, it is impossible for me or
anyone else for that matter to ski more agressively than moi.  I am the best
and most agro skier in the world. my skis are wider than yours and my gear is
better.  I was out skiing last week with all the overall world cup winners
for the last ten years plus Killy, Stenmark and Thoeni and they all said that
they were glad I wasn't on the White Circus when I was younger because they
would never been able to break the records I would have set.  So if you guys
get near me you better stay out of my line or I will cut above you in the pow
and set of a huge slough and BURY YOU!

Mike 'the snob'

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