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Subject: By the Numbers - Interesting tidbits of stats and information

Each year the publishers of the journal "Modern Healthcare" publish a
supplement titled "By The Numbers."  It is a great supplement filled with
some of those hard to find tidbits of information we may get asked for
during the year.   Some of the charts and numbers include:

Healthcare spending per capita
HMO growth rates
Hospital admissions and outpatient visits for the past 10 years.
Medicaid and Medicare spending
Lengths of stay
Five year forecast for inpatient demand
Hospice admissions
Median U.S. Physician income
Outpatient prescription drug expenditures
U.S. Aids cases
Healthiest, unhealthiest states
Leading cause of death
Top 10 graduate programs in healthcare administration
and many more

I shared this with my administrators last year, and it provided some great
information for presentations they were giving, and saved me a lot of time
trying to track this type of information down.

It is available in PDF format from the publishers at:


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