Hi Scott,

I think NEJM is quite mad to go out of their way with such restrictions.
I'm wondering if they would be agreeable to changing that sentence in the
license about the ID/PW issue.  We're not getting NEJM online either
unless this is "fixed."  I hope the majority of us will hold firm on this
position.  It's the only way NEJM and others will understand how truly
unacceptable their restrictions are.


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On Thu, 17 Jan 2002, T. Scott Plutchak wrote:

> Thanks very much to those of you who have already sent replies to my message
> about NEJM access (I'll post a summary next week).  Several of you have
> indicated that you're using the ID/password and asked why we have resisted
> that.  My concern is based on the line in their "special notice to NEJM
> institutional subscription administrators" that the ID/password option is
> "intended to limit institutional use to occasional, specific users and not
> to enable campus-wide access."  Since campus-wide access is what I'm after,
> to handle this the way we handle the other handful of titles that we use
> passwords for would, to my mind, be in violation of their license.  So, a
> further question to those of you using ID/password -- do you feel that your
> method meets their requirement "not to enable campus-wide access" or are you
> ignoring that?
> Scott
> (The entire "special notice" is at