The January 2002 vol. 127 #1 issue of Library Journal offers a collection
development article on arthritis by Gail Y. Hendler (Coordinator of
Ourtreach Services, Ehrman Medical LIbrary New York University School of
Medicine) and Patricia E. Gallagher, LJ Reviewer and Special Projects
Coordinator, New York Academy of Medicine and managing editor of NOAH - New
York Online Access to Health.

This article, (paged 59-62) has a focus of general arthritis but offers
titles for:  osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, children, diet, and
exercise for the consumer.  The article not only recommends print titles but
magazines, websites, and audiocassettes & videocassettes.

Great resource!  Thanks Gail and Patricia.

Lisa McCormick
Health Sciences Library
The Jewish Hospital
Cincinnati, OH
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