Yes, Leigh did change the order.  The reports were that Orford had the least
amount open and we figured that one more day of snow might help.  That said,
the snow was excellent. Too bad we missed you.  Yes, it was funny that many
trails had the same name "Piste Firmee".  Anyway we hit all those and more.
There is a new glade to the skiers left of the double that Leigh was able to
find.  It was marked a triple black diamond on the map (they seem to have
the old map online, but it is between the marked blue and black trails) and
it was probably the most difficult trail that many of us had to maneuver.
It took us 1.5 hours to descend it.  Supposedly there are 6 entrances and 8
different routes to take.  We don't know which ones we took.  It entailed
3-4 sheer to near sheer cliffs that we had to maneuver.  The first cliff was
about a 20 foot drop with the others slightly less than that. That first
cliff required us to take our skis off.  Bruno and Kirsten were able to nail
it tho on their snowboards.  It was challenging but also tons of fun.  It
really needs at least another 10 feet of snow to be able to ski it properly.


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On Tue, 15 Jan 2002, Salts, Peter wrote:
> Day 2: Sutton. Powder, trees, more powder, more trees
> Day 3: Orford. Powder, trees, more powder, more trees

Is it me, or did you guys mix the order up? Oh well, Sat at Orford rocked
my world. I only skied the afternoon (for a whopping $20 Can) but managed
to hit pretty much every trail named "Piste Freme" that I could find. My
favorite, as was the last time I went, was the main Mont Orford double
liftline. That top section is simply amazing, and blows the doors off
anything at Jay in terms off steepness and technical skiing. Also got
first tracks on a number of glades, the best of which was teh one far
skeirs left off the Giroux chair.

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