Quoth Dana:
|But some bindings relieve "rocker launch" to an amazing degree, by leaving
|ampl room under the toe bail/bar/tabs of the toebox for the duckbill of the
|boot. The best seems to be the Rainey Hammerhead, but the Voile VP-II is
|quite a neutralizer too.  The worst are 3-pin bindings with zero clearance
|above the duckbill.

I tried a Tele-Tips trick and solved this problem with my (not as
rockered) Veloces... the famous stewed-boot recipe.  Put empty shells
in bindings, tie heel down, pour in hot water, let cool.  You know, it
works!  Took the edge off enough that I was able to demo new tele skis
with extra-launchy Chili bindings.  Been three tele-days since the
cooking and it's still flexing right.  Perhaps the hot water merely
speeded up the initial break-in of the (just replaced) shell?

|Skiing in heavily rockered boots is like driving down a bumpy road with a
|bad suspension- whatever it's doin' it ain't helpin'!

You know it's bad (or you're a lightweight) when you take falls from a
standing stop as the boot "squirts" a ski out from under you.


Oh, and I have to say, Dana, that I finally had a good time on a pair
of K2's.  The demo-shop guy talked me into trying the Super Stinx
again at a measly 174cm, and you know, it was a fine ride.  I'm
currently entering counseling to deal with an impending drop in mean
ski length.


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