Mornin all,

Finally got to make a trip up north this season with the wife and baby in
tow. Gary thanks for the tip on getting to the MRG daycare early, we arrived
at 8:15 and got in fine, they also told us that you can call them as soon as
they open to make a reservation if you are goign to be late.

Anyway the votes are in and my wife, who is a better skiier than she thinks,
rates MRG are a far better mountain than the Bush. Her reasons, they have
much more interesting and varied beginners terrain, the dont overly groom it
flat as a pancake and (sorry Jason and Gil) no snowboarders! I also think
she was spoilt a little as we got to Birdland as the chair opened and got
minor freshies for about an hour afterwoods doing laps off it. We picked up
the baby at lunch, she seemed to have enjoyed herself in the daycare and I
dropped them off back at the lodge, went back and hit up all the blues,
bunny, porc,chipmunk were all very nice, just bumpy enough for me to enjoy
it but not too bumpy to expose me as the touron whose I am. Rode the
hallowed single up and took antelope which did expose me as a whose touron,
nice in places but some beeg bumps in other places, had a big hard faceplant
and some nice patroller came over to check me out, only thing wounded was my
pride. MRG really is a very civilized place.

Whats with the soldiers at MRG, every time I have been they have been
practicing there, it amuses me that with all the smart weapons & stealth
technology you chaps have developed you make your soldiers ski on what
appears to be planks of wood ;-) One particular chap was very helpful to the
missus helping her negotiate the icy turn at the end of Rockerfellers. Mr
Renson, a suggestion, I saw quite a few people have problems getting down
Rockerfellers, one of the soldier boys was getting put on the sled at one
point, it might help if they signposted the easier way down off to the left
just before you get to the turn, I had no idea it was there until the
afternoon when I discovered it by accident, its not on the trail map.

Monday at the Bush was pretty good too, no new snow, but the weather was
great, the views from the top really are breathtaking. Snow cover wasnt as
good as MRG but I did find some decent cover on Birch run, and Jester wasnt
too bad either. We had the mountain pretty much to outselves, didnt go to
Glen Ellen as the daycare was in the SB village and we didnt want to stray
too far.

Cant wait to get up there again next month.

Dan Ellis
R & D Manager
Distribution Management Systems, Milford, CT, 06460

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