Sorry to miss Jason at Stowe early Saturday. Never met up with Jay Pesci
either. Watched a gorgeous sunrise from the parking lot and at 7:40 we
were heading up. Opened with upper Goat, including a bushwhack left
toward Nosedive that paid off in knee deep, untracked powder billowing
over our heads for 5 or 6 turns, then more bushwhacking, more pay-off in
light white stuff. Next it was upper Liftline into right woods. More
powder than expected! The Jay Cloud drifting south? Later we parlayed an
island of trees into Oh SH*t woods (missed the sign yet again). There
really is plenty of coverage in the woods. Are snow snakes, stumps, and
rocks lurking? Yes, of course, so a bit of care pays off. We began the
afternoon with a leisurely excursion down the Bruce Trail, followed by a
Jill-manufactured atiragram and reeb at the itdoesntMatterhorn. That
long slog out of Bruce demands a reward, but it was a short-lived
respite in Jill's care.

We resumed at Spruce, with yours truly having a green plaid moment as
the liftie on the Big Pig remarked about the plaid flying from back of
helmet "That's a nice touch"! Not enough to derail our conservative
plans and cause us to risk life and limb on Tusk - we'll wait another
week. We finished our day early at Spruce and got down off the hill
before the crowds, and crowds there were.

BTW, the new lift line-up on the quad results in long single lines
obstructing the ski school lift entrance so the single line must be kept
to a minimum. Hmmm! At one point 10 in a row were called out of the
single line.

And the MMSSC has fenced off property around their lodge and posting No
Trespassing signs? It's a bit of a pain to access the Big Pig from the
bunny lift. Any MMSSC members out there?

The line at the gondola was long due to the cold weather, so we didn't
venture over there. All-in-all an excellent day for our first visit of
the season to Stowe.


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