It has been brought to my attention that OLN TV is considering reducing
their coverage of skiing due to a perceived lack of interest.  Please
contact OLN and tell them how much you enjoy their skiing and ski racing
programming.  Log onto and click on Feedback.  You'll find it
on the menu in the left hand column under "Get Involved."

There is pretty thorough coverage of the World Cup ski events, both nordic
and alpine.  The latest FIS World Cup races are aired every Monday and
Thursday from 8pm-10pm and 11pm-1am.  There are also several repeats of this
programming at other times during the week.

In our area (Burlington, VT), you can access OLN through Adelphia digital
cable.  An extra $10 a month on top of the basic cable service gets you OLN
and other digital channels.  You can also receive OLN by subscribing to the
DirectTV Satellite network (satellite dish and satellite receiver required!)

Hello everyone.  I stopped monitoring this list because I found I was
spending too much time reading messages.  Can you people not send so many
messages! :)  I'll probably monitor the archives every so often and I'd be
very happy to hear from anyone on this list.  I just can't keep up with this
list and do my other work!  Please email me at [log in to unmask]

Kor Kiley
Bailey/Howe Library
University of Vermont

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