Didn't make it early enough to get first or second tracks, but when I did manage to get there, around 10 ish, there was still plenty of pow to be had. They did get about 6 inches in places which made everything nice, real nice.

All I skied was Castle Rock. Didn't have time to explore the mountain, so I stayed where it was good.

Hit Castlerock run first to warm the legs after the short run down Domino. Nice soft snowy bumps with flatter freshies on the sides.

Next was Rumble.... what can I say, this was and will probably be my favorite. All the hits are covered. Lots of snow and lots of fun.

Lift line was great. The top is sketchy, but skiable. After the top section the cover is much better with plenty of junction kickers to satisfy the thirst for air.

Middle Earth had not one on it. Nice bumps and coverage. I literally saw no one while on it. This was nice considering there were some people who shouldn't have been on Lift Line and Rumble.

Cotillion was fine, similar to the rest, but not quite as exciting. I stuck more with Rumble and Lift Line.

I did see a couple people (not skiers) taking photos and taking measurements around the small brook that runs under the lift at the loading station.... could be working on fixing the bounce problem, which I only felt twice.

Looks like I may be at Jay on Friday or possibly Sugarbush...