Ben wrote:
>Zermatt is supposed to be _THE_ Swiss resort, but it has snow issues
>(lot's of expert terrain is at a lower atltitude or something)

Yep, Zermatt is upside down. The glaciers are up high. The glaciers are
gentle, so almost all the green circle terrain is in the higher elevations.
It get's steep in the lower 1/3, just above the valleys.

I was there the second week of April 2000 (a few days of skiing tacked onto
the end of an academic conference as opposed to a destination ski trip) and
there was no snow left on the lower part . Each day began with a commuter
gondola/tram/train ride to get up to where the snow started, immediately
followed by another tram ride to get up to where you could ski down
something. The day ended in reverse, with a download on some conveyance to
get back to the valley.


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