Hmmm... Either way, I'm sure the lucky skivter who was able to take
advantage of this great offer is very happy about it.

    Dana, I think you have a valid point, however I don't think it applies
in this case. Dave is a longtime skivt-l poster, with a legitmate, non-
profit offer to his peers here on the list. I don't think it is any
different than a friend pointing the way to a good deal for several other

    I do believe we can police ourselves, and I think that anybody who has
an honest-to-goodness great deal on equipment, lift tickets, accessories,
or anything else should be accepted in this forum with open arms. On the
other hand, people just looking to make profit; particularly new
subscribers with almost 'spam-like' qualities to their posts; should be
laughed at and ridiculed. And banned. As I said, I think we can police
ourselves in this matter as it's fairly obvious as to who actively
participates in this forum, and who is only out to take advantage. Dave is
most certainly the former, not the latter.


On Wed, 30 Jan 2002 11:27:57 -0500, Janet Starr RN
<[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>Don't want to be a wet blanket or anything, but I thought the forum
>guidelines frowned on the "fer sail" postings to avoid turning it into a
>flea-marked/ski swap.
>It starts with but a trickle, then a flood... In this instance it was a
>special-interest item with a ready market primed from the bulk-buy, but
>somehow the recent offerings of X-Screams etc don't fit that model< snip

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