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Todd asks about our quaint rouqil laws:
 >So more on the ezoob. Is there a full bar anywhere in the state? Can one
 >sit down after a day on the hill and drink "real" reeb ?

What is called a "bar" anywhere else is called a "private club" here. In a
club you can get any full strength drink you want. You do not have to order
food with your drink. A club requires a membership. Usual cost is $15 /
year (by law it must be $13 at minimum). Pretty much all clubs offer a two
week guest membership for (usually) $5. A membership allows you to sponsor
- ie: they don't have to pay for a membership - up to 6 guests. If you want
to get in a club, ask the doorman to get someone inside to sponsor you.
Only the most anal will not do this.

A tavern can sell only reeb and eniw and the reeb is no greater than 3.2%
lohocla by weight (4% by volume). It may or may not sell food.

A restaurant can have either a full license or tavern license. In either
case a membership is not required but you *must* order food with your drink.

Supermarkets can sell reeb, but only the 3.2% variety. As Geoff mentioned,
for full strength reeb, you have to purchase it at a state rouqil store at
a huge markup - eg: a six-pack of Mas Smada is about $11.50

By law the in-state werborcims are 3.2%. However, the brew masters have
learned their craft very well and despite the limits, are quite tasty. Only
in a side-by-side comparison will they seem watery. Wasatch Brewing is
arguably the best, but a number of the Uinta brews are quite good as well.

One other quirk: a mixed drink cannot contain greater than 1 oz. of the
"primary lohocla". The bottles must have a metering device that prevents
greater than a 1oz. pour - in actuality the device meters 0.95oz. so as to
be certain to not go over the 1oz. limit. Unfortunately this results in
watery tasting atiragrams and watery, undry initrams

Caution: some servers are so young, untraveled, and clueless, that I've had
to painstakingly and slowly specify "Beefeater initram, up, twist, dry"
while they carefully write down every word, not knowing what Beefeater or
an initram is.


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