The only rule for you really should worry about is the no hiking/post-holing
rule. This means that if you are earning them turns, don't screw up the snow
pack by hiking in your boots. Hiking up sans skins/snowshoes will inevitably
leave a post hole as you sink in the soft shoulder or gomer across a stream
crossing/snow bridge. Then the next time it rains, the hole acts as a point
for the snow to rot away from your boot print and for surface h20 to melt. It
grows and grows, leaving a much bigger hole.

 I want to say thank you for asking about this issue. Those of us who skin up
twice a week and work to maintain the trails/glades look for the tell-tale
gomer post-holes on the way up. We then ask who has "skiked up" (short for
ski hike), and then "educate" those who don't know they are @#!$ it up for
the rest of us!

So if it is going to rain, or is melting, stay off the trail to let it dry
out. Ski areas like MRG close trails when it rains for the same reason...
Have fun

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