Yesterday headed out to Greek Peak for our weekly tellie night and league races.
It was the first night of league racing, so the race was to be a seed race to determine the teams.
I was torn whether to tellie and not race, or slap on the alpine boards and race, or maybe race on tellies, as some folks do. For me, it isn't about being the fastest in my seed, but being part of a fun social thing and racing for the team. It is a great event that goes for 5 weeks with an apres ski party with food and such in the bar after each race.
Put on my ski pants at work. My co-workers were shocked since it was 40 and raining most of the day, but the temps had dropped a half inch of snow had fallen. I figured the surfaces at GP were getting firm and I was glad I had sharp edges on both sets of skis.
When we got there the parking lot was surprisingly empty. Very few people were on the slopes. We entered the locker room and there were my friends de-booting. They said,  "you're late, you have less than an hour to get in some runs." Greek Peak was closing 3 hours early (6pm). The race was sposed to start at 7pm. No, we weren't hiking up to the race course. I didn't have to decide which boots to put on. Racers trickled in all evening. We all ended up in the bar and drank dinner.
It was most unpleasant to be all geared up, clothing and mentally, to ski, and end up in the bar.
The conditions turned out to be firm and chunky. They call it granular, but there were not many granules. Just a chunky and crunchy glacier. Now it is raining and sleeting again. This sux. I guess this weekend we'll stay home and get stuff done that we neglect for skiing.