The file server "Pandora" will be down for emergency upgrades this evening
from 5:30 to midnight.

Owing to difficulties with the Calypso server migration, we were unable to
complete upgrades to Pandora last night.  Again, we apologize for the short
notice and any inconvenience this may cause to you, the users.

Although we expect no interruption in services tomorrow, users should be
alert for the following potential problems:

--NetWare-to-Mainframe printing
--Mainframe-to-NetWare and UNIX-to-NetWare printing
--FTP batch file processing
--Macintosh-to-file server connectivity

Please report any problems or concerns to my email address above.  Again,
it will be very difficult for me to process voice-mail it there are

Thanks for you patience,
-Greg MacKinnon
CIT Client Services