At 1:35 PM -0500 3/23/02, Ernie Buford wrote:
>On Sat, 23 Mar 2002, Chris Moran wrote:
>  > Posting should be restricted to members... the problem then would be a way
>>  to allow non-zoo/ accounts to join. I'm not sure how the s/w works
>  > on this.

Lists allow separate rules for signing up and for posting.

   Signing up options include:
         - Anyone can sign up
         - Owner's permission required
         - Only specified domain allowed (currently, allows only

   Posting settings include:
         - Anyone can post (the current setting)
         - Only subscribers can post
         - Moderator review of all postings

>  > Is it possible to sign up for a list from a zoo account but
>  > insert external email addresses in the commands?

Not really.  When signing up via email, the address is taken from
your "From" address automatically.  With the current setting allowing
only subscribers, it's not possible to sign up with a non-UVM
address, either via email or through the Web subscription page.  It
would be nice if listserv allowed specification of several email
addresses for one person, but I don't think that it does.

There are some advantages to restricting subscription to  To
the extent that Advocats carries technical information that can be
sensitive, that information won't flow to non-UVM people (unless they
are motivated enough to find the list archives, which we could
password if we wanted to).  People can't subscribe and harvest email
addresses for spam purposes.  And non-UVM people can't sign up and
ask questions, do surveys, etc.

>   Although I can't remember any other recent problems with "outsider"
>   postings to this list I think it is a good idea to restrict posting
>   to subscribers".  To my knowledge this would not prevent non-UVM
>   accounts from subscribing.  It would only be an inconvenience to
>   subscribers who insist on emailing from multiple accounts.

You're right that subscribing and posting are two separate issues
(see above).  I think that opening the list to non-UVM subscribers
opens us up to greater problems.

>   So what is worse - inconveniencing a few subscribers who won't access
>   the list from a single account or inconveniencing *all* subscribers
>   with the occasional spam from vexatious outsiders?  Probably not a
>   big problem either way unless we begin to get more spam.

I, too, don't think it's a big problem at this point.  With the
frequent (and sometimes unavoidable) use by many at UVM of both our
[log in to unmask] and [log in to unmask] addresses, restricting
posting to the exact address we've signed up with can be annoying and
can delay communication.

And if we hadn't had that stray bit of nonsense last week, how many
of us would've had the opportunity to use "vexatious" in a sentence?

-Dean W.