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Hi all –


First sorry for the duplication of this message, but I want to reach as main of you as possible.


Here at Lamoille south we are investigating the option to lease our technology equipment.  Is anyone in a lease agreement at this point with their technology infrastructure? I would like to hear from those of you that have signed a lease how this is going for your school districts and is it lowering the total cost of ownership of the equipment.  I have a few questions about it.


How long have you been in a lease?

Who do you have the lease through?

What have been the pros and cons to be in the lease?

What is your total percentage of your technology budget and/or hardware budget that you have committed to a lease?

What is type of equipment is on the lease?

Have you seen an increase in use of technology by students since you have enacted the lease?

Did the lease change the instruction for the students by increasing the number of machines that the students have access to?


Thanks a bunch for the advise.






Bill Kimball

Information Technology Director

Lamoille South Supervisory Union

P.O. Box 340

Morrisville, VT 05661


(802)-888-6710 fax