Here's a website focusing on research and facts about biological
weapons and biotechnology:
The Sunshine Project's Reason to Be--

Many biological weapons are rapidly destroyed by bright sunlight.
The Sunshine Project works to bring facts about biological weapons
to light!

We are an international non-profit organization with offices
in Hamburg, Germany and Austin, Texas, USA. We work against the
hostile use of biotechnology in the post-Cold War era. We research
and publish to strengthen the global consensus against biological
warfare and to ensure that international treaties effectively
prevent development and use of biological weapons.


Especially Check out these webpages/pdf documents:

Pentagon Tests Ethnically-Targeted Crowd Control Weapons

US Army documents released under the Freedom of Information Act
(FOIA) reveal disturbing efforts to design crowd control weapons
that target people on an ethnic basis. The weapons, a group of
foul-smelling chemicals called malodorants, are being developed
for US soldiers to use overseas.

According to the Sunshine Project, the US has crossed a dangerous
line. Successful or not, development of any ethnic weapon is
intrinsically racist, and the international community should
consider their development, stockpiling, or use by any country
a violation of international law.

Backgrounder Series, Number 9
March 2002

Non-Lethal Weapons Research in the United States:

Genetically Engineered Anti-Material Weapons

This paper is the second in a series of three reports on United
States government research on chemical and biological non-lethal
weapons. Shaken by experiences including its disastrous mission
in Somalia, the US has concluded that it lacks appropriate weapons
for peacekeeping and other "military operations other than war".
To address this problem, the US has embarked on a program to
develop new non-lethal weapons to control both armed enemies
and civilians. Militaries and domestic law enforcement agencies
in the United States and elsewhere are closely following this
research and, in some instances, are participating. The non-lethal
weapons research detailed here raises questions about protection
of civil liberties, particularly freedoms of thought and expression,
and US compliance with arms control agreements including the
Chemical Weapons Convention and Biological and Toxin Weapons
Convention. The first report, on calmatives and malodorants (Backgrounder
#8), was published in July 2001. The third report will be published
later in 2002 and will address new crowd control technologies.