This is a unique opportunity for farmers wishing to share their knowledge with less fortunate individuals.


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Subject: Overseas Volunteer Opportunities

Please allow me to take a moment of your time and introduce you to CNFA and
our Agribusiness Volunteer Program.

The Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs (CNFA) is a non-profit, nonpartisan
organization dedicated to stimulating international economic growth in
developing and emerging world markets.  CNFA is currently working in the
food and agriculture sector of the New Independent States of the former
Soviet Union - Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, and Belarus; and in southern Africa
- Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Zambia.

CNFA's Agribusiness Volunteer Program (AVP) has sent over 700 American
farmers and other agribusiness professionals on short-term assignments to
the former Soviet Union and Africa to share their know-how with their
counterparts and empower them to solve problems.

In Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus, the CNFA Agribusiness Volunteer Program is
creating pillars of support for democracy and a market economy.  AVP
volunteers train family farmers who have broken away from the old collective
farm system to make wise business decisions, improve productivity, and
market their produce.  AVP also supports the development of democratic
farmer associations, cooperatives, and agribusinesses that will strengthen
private enterprise agriculture. AVP volunteers that travel to southern
Africa, show groups of farmers how to analyze which crops to grow, how to
work together to buy inputs at lower prices and to sell their produce at
higher prices.

We are funded by the US government (USAID), and cover all expenses related
to the assignment, including all travel expenses, an interpreter, room and
board, etc.  However, since these are volunteer assignments, we do not pay
any consulting fees or honorariums.  The expert volunteers his or her time
and knowledge.  Most of our projects are three-weeks long. CNFA volunteers
take advantage of the opportunity to help people around the world, make new
friends and business contacts and obtain insights into agriculture in other
countries that they can use at home.

Below please see a list of all currently available assignments by country:


Agricultural Marketing:  Help a diversified agricultural company to clearly
define its marketing strategy and to develop an operational marketing plan.

Cattle Breeding:  Train farmers in modern, scientific methods of cattle
breeding.  Help develop a work plan for increasing cattle production.

Dairy Marketing and Distribution: Train marketing managers on how to improve
their marketing techniques and how to find new markets in order to increase
sales volume of the dairy.

Marketing Training:  Work with marketing and sales managers of a farm input
supply company to develop an operational marketing plan.

Produce Marketing: Train members in western marketing techniques to increase
sales of their fruits and vegetables.

Train-the-Trainer Marketing: Work with the management of a farm input supply
company to prepare a marketing training program for the company.  Help
regional branch managers acquire the skills necessary to provide continuing
marketing training for their staff.


Association Management/Apple Storage and Marketing: Train managers in
effective association management techniques.  Teach members apple storage
and apple marketing methods.

Farm Products Marketing: Work with staff to implement a marketing program to
increase sales.

Fruit and Vegetable Marketing: Train members in western marketing techniques
to increase sales of their crops.

Pork Production and Management: Train farm managers and employees in Western
pork production techniques and management.  Work with agribusiness managers
to develop a pork production and management plan.

Sturgeon Production:  Work with management to improve sturgeon production
practices, water management, and sturgeon breeding.

Southern Africa:

Institutional Strategic Analysis: Assess local association of retailers to
identify financial, organizational and training needs.

Business Management Train-the-Trainer: Teach local trainers to administer
small business management course geared toward small-scale farmers and

Recordkeeping for retailers: Teach rural retailers basic recordkeeping,
working from a CNFA training module.

Credit Union Development: Help farmers in Mozambique start a savings and
credit union.

Fishery management and breeding: Teach genetics and fishpond management to
small scale fish farmers in Zambia.

Leadership and Organizational Development: Help small scale fish farmers
associations in Zambia become more membership-driven and effective.

Association Strategic Planning: Teach associations how to develop
strategic/action plans, cost activities and make good decisions according to
member needs.

Small Business Management: Train small scale fish farmers in business
management, marketing (for local and export markets) and financial
management in Zambia.

Business Planning and Budgeting: Teach rural retailers basic budgeting and
business plan development, working from a CNFA training module.

Farm & Financial Management: Teach basic principles of commercial farming,
recordkeeping and profitability analysis to South African small scale

Retail Marketing: Teach basic principles of marketing to rural retailers in

Produce Marketing: Teach basic principles of marketing and collective
marketing to small scale farmers in South Africa.

Developing New Business: Teach rural retailers in Mozambique techniques in
growing business.

Training Module Development: In partnership with local companies, develop
training modules to improve business analysis skills of indigenous
smallholder farmers.

Cooperative Development: Help farmer cooperatives improve marketing
capability in Mozambique.

Small Business Management: Train small scale farmers in business management,
marketing (for local and export markets) and financial management in South


Cooperative Business Management: Work with co-op board to construct a work
plan and a budget.

Cooperative Development (3 assignments in different regions): Work with
co-op board to construct a work plan and train the manager on how to create
a budget, and improve current services.

Farm Financial Management: Teach farmers how to construct their own balance
sheets and record farm incomes and expenses in their Farm Record Books.
Train farmers in developing a farm-specific business plan.

Marketing Training: Train farmers and local trainers in basic marketing
tools and marketing plan development.

Training of Regional Trainers: Improve local trainers' understanding of farm
financial management concepts (i.e., record keeping, farm planning,
financial forecasting and business plan development) and agricultural
marketing and sales principles.

Veterinarian Services Organizational Development: Train managers on how to
develop a pricelist for services and products, a marketing plan for expanded
distribution of veterinarian services and budgets for new services/products.

Milk Production Management:  Train cooperative members in basic techniques
of rotational grazing, herd health, and optimizing milk production.

If you are interested in any of these assignments, please contact:

For Ukraine/Belarus: Dan Hadley ([log in to unmask])
For Ukraine/Belarus: Kristina Gribovskaja ([log in to unmask])
For Moldova:  Tim White ([log in to unmask])
For Southern Africa: Andrea Lima ([log in to unmask])

1111 19th Street N.W. #900
Washington D.C. 20036
1-888-872-2632 toll free
202-296-3948 fax

We would be happy to provide you with more information on CNFA and/or the

Thank you.

Kristina Gribovskaja
Program Coordinator
1111 19th St., NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20036
tel: 1-888-872-2632
tel: 202-296-3920
fax: 202-296-3948

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