I found it on ours too.  Best to check it out.

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it might not hurt to check since it lies dormant for 14 days or
> >>Sorry for all of this, but I was sent a virus via a email from a friend.
> >>I guess this virus goes through your address books.  Because you were in
> >>my address book, I guess you will have it.  The virus is not detected by
> >>McAfee or Norton and lies dormant for 14 days or more before it closes
> >>down your entire system.   I did find it so don't take a chance.
> >>
> >>The instructions below will get rid of it very easily.
> >>
> >>To remove this virus use the following:
> >>
> >>1.  Go to "Start" and click.
> >>2.  Then click on "Find or search"
> >>3.  In the "search for files or folders" type in "Sulfnbk.exe"  This is
> >>the virus.
> >>4.  In the "look In' make sure you are searching drive C:\
> >>5.  Click on search or find button.
> >>6.  If this file shows up, it will have an ugly blackish icon that will
> >>have the name "sulfnbk.ece.  DO NOT OPEN
> >>7.  Right click on the file -- go down to "delete" and click left.
> >>8.  It will ask  you if you want to send it ot the recycle bin.  Say
> >>9.  Exit out of this and then go to your desktop where the "recycle bin"
> >>iron shows and double click on it.
> >>10.  Right click on Sulfnbk.exe and delete again or just empty the bin.
> >>
> >>If you find this virus send these instructions to everyone in your
> address
> >>book.  Again, sorry.
> >>
> >>G.P.
> >

Andrea Hartman

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