In a small patch of open water at Leffert's Pond
in Chittenden, we saw 7 common mergansers, 2
hooded mergansers, 2 black ducks, and an otter
enjoying the fine weather.

Elsewhere, we spotted 10 wood ducks in a flooded
field next to the Otter Creek in Brandon. Along
Vail Road in Sudbury we saw 4 killdeer, 1
northern flicker, 2 American tree sparrows and 2
red-tailed hawks.

At East Creek WMA in Orwell we saw 9 hooded
mergansers, 3 bufflehead, 1 American kestrel, 2
meadowlarks, 2 red-tailed hawks and 2 killdeer.
Nearby Chipman's Point were 2 northern
mockingbirds, 1 eastern phoebe and 21 common

And along Rte 144 in Benson we saw 2 more
American kestrels and 1 red-tailed hawk.

Song sparrows were singing everywhere.

Sue and Marv Elliott

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